Angelina Slams Church Planning On Burning Koran

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  • Angelina Jolie is in Pakistan, raising awareness about the floods that have devastated the country, but she also spoke about the Florida church which plans to mark the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks by burning the Koran.

“I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody’s religious book.” Angelina also wondered why Pakistan — a largely Muslim country — has not received as much financial aid as it needs. “There’s lots of speculation about why this one has not gotten the attention it deserves,” she said. “Even all of the wonderful coverage … is not getting the response that usually it’s able to get.” [NYDN, This Is London]

  • Meanwhile, Angelina asked Brad Pitt to visit his plastic surgeon and get some wrinkle fillers. Allegedly. []
  • You guys. Come on. Won’t one of you be Angelina Jolie‘s friend? [Contact Music]
  • The Beckham Boys and Snoop Dogg‘s kids might record an “unstoppable” track together, and if they get Willow Smith on there the world will stop turning because it will have been weighed down by an insane amount of awesome. [Digital Spy]
  • Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes started public school on Wednesday! She is a student at New York City’s LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts — the one from Fame. On her first day of school, Lola wore ankle-high leather boots, a black skirt and a plaid sleeveless shirt over a white T-shirt. [NYDN]
  • Here is a video of Madonna being super weird on the streets of New York. [This Is London]
  • Unsolicited Uterus Update: Lily Allen is having a boy. [The Star]
  • Lindsay Lohan was spotted hanging out with the Queens Of The Stone Age, “with no cocktails in sight.” [People]
  • Dina Lohan‘s house was egged. The caption reads “yoked,” but I think they mean “yolked”? [TMZ]
  • Ignore all the boring crap in this item about Katie Holmes at a rooftop party for The Romantics and focus instead on the anecdote about Gabourey Sidibe, who allegedly shouted, “I’m so hungry I’m going to pass out!” [Page Six]
  • If Suri Cruise doesn’t become a fashion magazine editor, she may very well be a director. [Gatecrasher]
  • Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Bilson are dating. [Daily Express]
  • Did you see the video of Lady Gaga breaking up a fight? [Buzzfeed]
  • Oh snap! Joe Jonas may have ditched his purity ring so that he can shag Twilight‘s Ashley Green. Get it! [This Is London]
  • Lord. Not only is Lauren Conrad getting her own reality show, but networks are FIGHTING over it because she is really just a scintillating personality and sparkling wit. [Us Magazine]
  • Three percent of all Twitter traffic is Justin Bieber-related. [NYDN]
  • Elijah Wood was Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer‘s wedding DJ. [TV Squad]
  • T.I. might lose his promotional deal with Axe. What you know about that? [TMZ]
  • Glee fans: Matthew Morrison‘s album drops in February. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Did Kiefer Sutherland wobble out of a bar Monday night? [Page Six]
  • Heartbreaking item of the day: Patrick Swayze‘s widow still text messages him. [Daily Express]
  • Ooh: Lou Reed barred Susan Boyle from singing “Perfect Day” on America’s got Talent. [Page Six]
  • The Anna Nicole Smith trial continues, and her former nanny told the court that she drank medication that made her sleep for two days straight. [People]
  • I have never heard of Paris-based Fashizblack magazine, but this video of Solange modeling at the cover shoot is oddly mesmerizing. [YouTube]
  • If you watch Boardwalk Empire, the HBO series from Martin Scorsese starring Steve Buscemi and featuring, among others, Omar from The Wire, you will see Little People Boxing. [Page Six]
  • “I think A-Rod can be tamed like Tiger [Woods] can be tamed. Not! They remind me of each other. Their vibrations are the same. They go for the nice girl, and behind doors they’re always doing the kinky-winky. Straight sex is not good enough for them.” — Millionaire Matchmaker‘s Patti Stanger. She also says: “[Jocks] pick the gold diggers. They go for the hottest girl, and the minute they lose their contract, they lose the girl.” [Page Six]
  • “Life is not all ha-ha-ha. But I’m in good spirits. I’m an optimistic guy. Nothing has deterred me from my belief that I am going to beat this.” — Michael Douglas. [Page Six via Parade]
  • “I did have a Goth phase. I definitely went through a period of my life when I was listening to The Cure. I wore a lot of black. It wasn’t that I was trying to not be seen, so as much that I felt invisible. It was a way of saying, ‘I care that you know I don’t care’, you know?” — Cee-Lo. [Contact Music]
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