Angry Kentuckians Go After Ashley Judd's Breasts


Ashley Judd managed to piss off both coal miners and golf course developers in a speech last month — and they’ve responded with topless posters of the actress.

According to PopEater, Judd spoke out last month against mountaintop coal mining, in which miners blow the tops off mountains. She also criticized the practice of building golf courses on old mine sites, citing her own Kentucky background (she grew up partially in Lexington): “I’m not too keen on reinforcing stereotypes about my people, but I don’t know a lot of hillbillies who golf.” In retaliation, the above poster showed up at a golf tournament in Prestonburg, KY this week. And David Gooch, president of the Coal Operator’s Association, fired back, “She’s not an eastern Kentuckian. A real eastern Kentuckian never would have degraded the people here by saying hillbillies don’t play golf.” He added,

Coming from a woman who makes movies most people wouldn’t take their children to, I really don’t think she has a lot to say about our industry or anything else that’s worthwhile.

PopEater point out that Judd has been “at least partially naked in four films,” but she’s hardly a queen of smut. She appeared in one of the best episodes of Star Trek, for instance, which I would pretty much force my children to watch if I had them. And it’s not clear why having appeared topless (the photo above is from Marie Claire) should disqualify someone from talking about the conflict between mining and the environment. On the other hand, her celebrity status doesn’t make her especially qualified to talk about these issues either. Whatever the case, Ashley Judd also pissed off Sarah Palin — so we’re on her side for now.

Image via PopEater.

Coal Fan Uses Topless Ashley Judd Photo Against Her [PopEater]

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