Are Advertisers Clueless About What Women Really Eat?


If you watch a TV show aimed at the ladies, you most likely saw 15 yogurt ads, three for Diet Coke, and then a few telling you to lose weight, frumpy fattykins. Because that’s what the ladies like to hear, right?

Well, wrong, says an informal poll conduced by LA Weekly. They posit:

When it comes to women and food, the Daoist attitude toward truth(s) applies: The more you insist you know, the less you really do.

They think advertisers don’t really know what’s up when it comes to the special dietary desires of your vagina — believing that more women are about that pasta and beer than they are about cosmos and candy bars.

I think they’re on to something — but I’d guess women’s food choices are less about That Which Is Most Sacred, and have more to do with socioeconomic status, location, religion, and whether or not you’re close to a Trader Joe’s. TJ’S MEATLESS MEATBALLS FOR LIFE.

[LA Weekly]

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