At Free People, Spring Has Sprung, And It's Hideous


It’s 31° in NYC, but it’s a beachy, balmy 80-something on the pages of February’s Free People catalog. Almost like a mini-vacation! One where the clothes are so foul, you’ll have intestinal issues.

How much does it cost to look like a 1970s Floridian teenage runaway? Let’s add: $98 for the vomitrocious top; $48 for the tank underneath; $18 for the headband; $178 for the “distressed” shorts; $78 for the Jesus sandals, and a whopping $128 for the bag, which had better be full of marijuana and pet rocks, at that price. (Total: $548)

The goggles… They do nothing! And the pants… They flatter no one!

Seriously, can you believe we live in a world where someone pays $88 for a top that looks like it survived an unfortunate Clorox incident?

Give this woman a raccoon, she’s about to sing “Colors Of The Wind.”

In case you hadn’t noticed, headbands are mandatory for Spring 2009. But about that swimsuit: It is designed to give a woman a “happy face” tan, right? If areolae were eyes?

It would be even funnier if the fringe went down to the crotch and hung down between her legs.

At the risk of sounding like my mother, I don’t understand kids these days. Jersey knit cropped harem pants are not right.

Full-length harem pants are also very vexing. What’s next? Some kind of horrifying harem jumpsuit?

…And I’m out.

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