Attention Casting Directors: Uma Thurman Says She 'Needs a Job'


In the best bit of gossip from the Golden Globes’ undoubtedly epic after party drunkfests, the New York Times reports that Uma Thurman answered every reporter question with, “I need a job.”

The full account below:

The handful of stars-behaving-badly included a cranky Uma Thurman, fatigued, no doubt, after wending her way through a string of related events that included a bash for the Weinstein Company with Netflix, and separate parties for HBO and NBC. Ms. Thurman grudgingly vamped for the cameras, then barked over her shoulder before dashing away, “You’re a reporter — I need a job.” What was she wearing? “I need a job.” Where was she headed? “I need a job.”

Pardon me using this expression, but does this excerpt, while awesomely dishy, seem a bit nasty? And what has happened to Uma since Kill Bill? Did she kill her clout with My Super Ex Girlfriend? Or is she another casualty in the dearth of good roles for actresses problem? A little bit of both? Either way, I don’t blame her for throwing caution to the wind, especially while drunk. I also hope that she’ll get a good cameo in Kill Bill 3 if it ever gets made.

Image via AP.

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