Attention Tina Fey: Caribou Barbie Has All-New Accessories


Yesterday, Tina Fey announced we’ll probably see more of her Sarah Palin impression when she hosts SNL in April. But it takes more than a mavericky wink to impersonate Palin these days! Here are some new props for Fey’s act.

So much has happened since Fey last impersonated Palin in 2008! When preparing the new sketch, Fey should be sure to read over a copy of Palin’s resignation speech. It should be easier to understand now that Vanity Fair editors have removed all the clunky phrases and grammatical errors.

Maybe Fey could do an impersonation of Palin meeting with “real Americans” at a book signing. We imagine this would look something like “Appalachian Emergency Room” with more people accidentally shot by moose hunters hanging from planes.

Actually, Tina should probably skip the book signing sketch all together… unless she doesn’t mind getting pelted with tomatoes.

So, signing books is out, but Tina shouldn’t chuck that package of Sharpies just yet! They’re also great for scribbling the name “John McCain” off of all that leftover campaign apparel.

Palin’s resignation from politics has allowed her to make media appearances far more ridiculous than her Katie Couric interview. Fey could take us behind-the-scenes of the In Touch cover story in which Palin promoted her pro-life message, or recreate her Oprah Winfrey interview. (Maybe Tracy Morgan can make an appearance as Oprah. Better yet, how about hiring more African-American cast members, SNL?)

Also, on the campaign trail Palin was always confined to skirt suits. Now Fey can show off her Vogue-worthy figure in some running shorts.

Palin isn’t the only one who’s been making embarrassing media appearances in the last year. Andy Samberg already has experience cleverly concealing a certain appendage, so hopefully he’s been working out.

Memorizing lines won’t be too hard for Fey this time — Palin’s already given her license to scribble them on her hand.

Still, some things haven’t changed since we last saw Fey’s Palin impersonation: Since she’s already got the “Tina Fey glasses,” all she really needs is a Bumpit.

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