Azealia Banks Called Grimes a 'Brittleboned Methhead' Who Smells 'Like a Roll of Nickels' 


Azealia Banks was briefly sorry for destroying Grimes and Elon Musk’s domestic bliss over the summer, but…that’s over! Now she’s shared some very rude texts allegedly exchanged between her and Grimes, posting them on Instagram for all the world to see. Now we know that you do NOT want to tangle with Banks in a text fight, because she will crush you.

Last week, a judge ordered Grimes and Banks to preserve their correspondence as part of the lawsuit by several Tesla investors against Musk, who thought it would be hi-laaarious to tweet that he intended to take his company private at $420 a share. Turns out there was quite a bit of back and forth between the two, and it was bitchy. Banks deleted the posts, but they will live on forever in reddit.

Both insulted each other’s appearance, but Grimes must have been extremely off her game, because all she could muster was repeatedly calling Banks a “narc” and telling her she was fat. D+, at best. Banks, on the other hand…I mean, just read them:

Note that these were sent after 4 a.m., so I’m sure everyone was nice and sober.

In other Banks news, today she apparently got off an Aer Lingus flight after some sort of altercation with the flight crew, saying in an Instagram story that she was banned from the airline, and that Irish women were “ugly.”

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