'Bad Boy' Shares Brilliant Observations About Women on The View


While I’m not particularly familiar with self-described “Bad Boy”/author Steve Santagati, he’s apparently famous enough to have warranted a spot as a guest host on The View Friday. Santagati used his platform to expound on whether women are funny and to tell Susan Sarandon how miraculously hot she is for someone of her age.

Santagati is (according to Twitter) the author of The MANual, the “inspiration” for the amazing Rom Com The Ugly Truth and the President of Bad Boys Finish First LLC. These makes him an expert on all things men, women and life. After a “Hot Topics” discussion about cheating that I sort of watched but found pretty boring, the very funny Santagati – who was sitting at a table with two women who are known for their comedic work and one incredibly famous stand-up comedian and actor – weighed in on how sexism in comedy doesn’t exist:

The fact of the matter is, guys are much more funny in general. Listen, this is not a documentary, it’s a TV show. Listen, if you disagree with me ladies, who are the comedians that first come to mind when you think [of comedians]?

Barbara Walters responded with a long prepared list of famous female comedians, to which Santagati said, “For every one of those women, there’s a Louis C.K. and a Henny Youngman and all those – ” Sherri Shepherd then cut in to point out that the comedy world can be hostile to women, explaining how bookers at comedy clubs sometimes specifically won’t hire women. Santagati didn’t buy that.

Santagati: So you’re telling me that you go to these clubs and they’re being quote-unquote ‘sexist’ and they’re not having you up there because –
Shepherd: Yes.
Santagati: Really? So why don’t you do something about it?

Hi Steve, here you go:

Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and even Jenny McCarthy held their own against Santagati, who would later clarify on Twitter that when he said women weren’t as funny as men he really did just mean “in general.”

It’s hard to place the blame entirely on Santagati; he’s just making a living being his boring self at the behest of the producers of The View, who are on a constant quest for higher ratings through stupid fights with ill-informed “personalities.” It’s easy to blame him when he does things that are just rude and not relevant. Later in the episode, he decided to segue away from an interview with Susan Sarandon – who had just been discussing the CNN documentary series she’s narrating called Death Row Stories to point out how much hotter she is than any other woman her age:

Santagati: The other thing is, of course, you guys have to see how sexy – because this is all I look at – is on the cover of AARP. That was amazing.
Sarandon: Is that a question?
Santagati: Hold on! Susan, here’s the deal. Let’s face it, we can sugar coat it however you want but who looks this hot – and I’m not nice to anybody – at 67?
Sarandon: You’re not hanging out with the right people. There’s lots of women my age who look so great. Healthy and vital. All of these women here. [Points to the audience]

By the way, when Santagati brought up Sarandon’s hotness, her face looked like this. Even Barbara was unamused.

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