Beyoncé Bought a Church, a Church of Beyoncé


Beyoncé, who has several modest earthly dwellings but no real portal between heaven and earth, no official passage for Beyoncé to commune with Yoncé, Sasha, and the Holy Ghost, is now buying a church in New Orleans near Solange’s house. In an image overlay, TMZ calls it, simply, “THE CHURCH.”

They report that it is stone, 7,500 sq. ft, two bed, two bath, listed for a reasonable $850,000. Notes the listing:

…affords many possibilities for redevelopment as a single, multi- family , remaining as a Church, possibility of a commercial usage or many other possibilities.


It was once a church of Christ.

Now it is a church of Beyoncé.

And yes, you can also attend Beyoncé-themed masses elsewhere.

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