Beyoncé Drops New Track 'Die With You,' Jay Z Pulls Album Off Spotify


Somewhere between introducing Tidal and letting Blue go to the Museum of Contemporary Art with her Auntie Solange and cousin Julez, Beyoncé released a new song called “Die With You” in celebration of she and husband Jay Z’s seventh wedding anniversary on April 4.

With Bey playing piano and singing in a sweatshirt, a backward baseball cap, two braids and probably some leggings, Saint Heron reports that Jay Z filmed his lady’s stripped down performance of the love song, which will appear on Tidal. Oh, Tidal.

In other news, Jay Z has pulled Reasonable Doubt from Spotify—no, really, go check your Jay Z playlist—which he can do because he’s finally in possession of all of his Def Jam recordings, part of his deal to act as Def Jam president in 2004. In theory, he can pull all of his remaining albums as well. From Forbes:

Ironically, the opportunity to own his masters was what convinced him to take the Def Jam gig over a similar job at Warner Music Group. Now, his career has come full circle.
By the end of 2014, he’ll be in full control of both his master recordings and publishing rights—meaning that every time someone buys one of his albums, streams one of his hits online or licenses his song for a movie, he’ll get a considerably larger piece of the pie.

Tidal’s making more sense from Jay’s perspective, but what about the other artists who don’t own their masters—as well as consumers like you and I? Those bits remain to be seen. Anyway, happy anniversary to Jay and Beyoncé.

Image via Getty.

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