Casey Anthony Juror Politely Slams Nancy Grace


Juror #3 on the Casey Anthony trial spoke with Good Morning America earlier today to clarify headlines claiming she was “sick to her stomach” over the verdict. The juror, Jennifer Ford, expanded upon her earlier comments, saying, “I can’t find her guilty of a crime if I’m not sure a crime was committed.”

Despite the prosecution’s “strong circumstantial evidence,” Ford felt they “didn’t have enough evidence to say definitively if she did or didn’t [kill Caylee].” She continues on about the prosecution, saying they “needed something solid to say it was absolutely not an accident and [to] not leave the dots for me to connect with speculation, accusations, and guessing — we’re instructed not to to that.”

Guilt proven beyond a reasonable doubt is something that the court system repeatedly drills into the mind of a juror. (I can speak to this, as I was recently on a jury — it was a phrase said over and over again throughout the trial, and screamed by fellow jurors at each other during tense deliberations.) In the end, for Jennifer, she felt there was too much doubt to convict Anthony for first-degree murder, which she agrees “absolutely” was a reflection of the death sentence they would be imposing upon conviction: “It’s easier to get to the conclusion that it was an accident than it is to get to the conclusion that it had something to do with chloroform and duct tape, for me.”

Later in the interview, George Stephanopoulos brought up Nancy Grace’s remarks about the jury being “kooky.” Ford responded pretty gracefully (for all the shit Grace had talked about the jurors since the verdict), but that didn’t stop Nancy Grace from fighting back. She went on a diatribe that began with “I know you just had a juror on that said ‘Nancy Grace is not fit for TV’,” and finished with “I can tell you this much: Tot Mom is guilty.” Nancy will be Nancy.

Good Morning America also aired an interview between Barbara Walters and Casey Anthony’s defense lawyer, Jose Baez. Clearly still taking the proverbial victory lap, he says the “happiest moment [of the trial] came after the first ‘not guilty’ because I knew I had saved her life.” Baez “absolutely” feels that the prosecution went too far asking for a first degree murder charge; he also believes Casey Anthony was a good mother, and “couldn’t say” whether the claims that she wants another child were true.

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