"Cell Block Tango" Remixed With All Your Favorite Divas

Earlier today in the Jezebel coven we were discussing Snapped, AKA the greatest show on television. I admitted that I often find myself nodding in a “you shouldn’t have done that but girl, I feel you” kind of way when I watch the show. (#misandry) This led to Hillary sharing the “Cell Block Tango” performance from Chicago and me watching said video three times.

Clearly it was a sign that something great was going to come into my life. Cue “Cell Block Django,” or as I’m calling it, Cell Block Tango: The Remix.

Created by American Idol contestant turned YouTube superstar Todrick Hall, the parody video features some of music’s biggest divas exacting revenge on their well-known enemies. Part of what makes the video so brilliant, (in addition to some incredibly spot-on impressions) is how true Hall stayed to the lyrics of the song while still adapting them to each woman.

Rihanna, blunt in hand, claims that Chris Brown just couldn’t hold his “Birthday Cake.” Solange, complete in her peach Met Gala gown, bemoans that Jay Z ran into her foot—he ran into her foot ten times. And a blinged out Mariah Carey pouts about Ariana Grande stealing her whistle tones.

Depending on how you feel about each woman’s real life relationship with her “victim,” it’s a little dark, but so hilarious and very well made. Not to mention, the updated beat is catchy as hell.

H/t Fuse TV.

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