Cheap Scotch: 'Dressed To Kilt' As Horrible/Awesome As It Sounds!


Where can you find Joan Jett, Sean Connery, real housewives and…the Donald in one place? In kilts? Why, the 8th annual ‘Dressed To Kilt’ Charity Fashion Show presented by Glenfiddich at NYC’s M2 Ultra Lounge, of course!

Donald Trump Jr. in, presumably, the family tartan. It’s loud and the color of brass. (That, or he’s landed a role in a community theatre Brigadoon.)

Speaking of that enchanted village! TV personality Courtney Friel is ready to go home with Bonnie Jean!

Donald Trump‘s like, wait, where are we? Melania’s all, one picture. Then you’ll get a Shirley Temple. It means a lot to your son.

Nigel Barker (with Cristen Chin) is perhaps one of three men in the world who can pull off a tartan jacket.

Although I have to say, designer Eric Daman is making this look seriously natural.

Joan Jett: what? This is my Scottish costume.

Scotland’s Minister for Culture and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop, being a Scot, doesn’t need the plaid to prove it. An imposing MOB gown will do just fine, thanks.

Want to do a bandage, Kelly Killoren Bensimon? Fine. But you can’t also wear the ballet flats. Fine, we’ll leave without you. Okay, yes, come on. Yes, you can have an ice cream. Well, they might not have mint-chip.

Does someone want to tale Louise Linton aside and tell her that…she forgot her shirt?

Kim Bates evokes 1992 quail hunt.

Sean and Micheline Connery can basically do whatever they want and no one can question it. And yes, sometimes this means sexy Mormon tabernacle wear.

And yet, of all the sartorial chicanery on display, journalist George Wayne’s is kind of the one that stays with you.

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