Chelsea's Wearing A White Dress, & Other Wedding Revelations!


We have been led to believe that this woman is Chelsea Clinton, photographed while entering the Vera Wang store in NYC yesterday. Since all of NATO is wondering if she’ll wear Oscar or Vera, this may be useful information.

But there’s even more useful information! According to the proverbial “insider,” the food will include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. And this shit will go down at Astor Courts — or so the story goes — which is exactly what you’d expect for a property once owned by John Jacob Astor: huge and precariously perched over the Hudson river palatial.

Columns, porticos, and politicos, oh my.

Given the incredibly powerful guest list, security will have to keep an eye out for, you know, terrorists both political and journalistic. Local police have already arrested two Norwegian photographers for trespassing. Clearing the airspace to protect Babs and Bubba and Oprah could cost around $200,000.

Speaking of costs, lest you forget: this will cost a LOT of money! Like GDP-sized amounts of it! Some are estimating $3 to $5 million total (and we learned yesterday that maybe $15K of that will go towards the high-end Porta Potties). Other wedding soothsayers are budgeting $250,000 just for flowers. But will it be for peonies? Freesia? There’s just so much we don’t know.

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Image via Robert Mitra/WWD

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