Children's Book On Sarah Palin Postponed Indefinitely, Thank God

  • File this under Unexpected Good News: Christian publisher Zondervan has suddenly pulled all information about a forthcoming children’s book on Sarah Palin from their website. A publicist would only say that the project has been postponed — indefinitely.

According to a recent study, women spend more time visiting social networking sites than men. Women, who spend only 8% more of their time on the internet, log onto sites like Facebook for an average of 5.5 hours a month compared with men’s 3.9 hours a month.

  • But men spend more time worrying about money: a completely unrelated survey found that men are more likely to view their economic situation negatively than women, who tend to be more optimistic about their financial future. A rep from Citi says this is a good thing, mostly because women be shoppin’: “Many women are CFOs of their households, controlling the purse strings on purchases, so their positive near-term outlook on the economy may be a positive indicator for recovery,” remarked Lisa Caputo.
  • But women don’t just control the household “purse strings.” According to this breakdown of percentage of wealth managed by women by country, women are in charge of 33% of America’s total wealth, worth approximately $9 trillion.
  • Some people are using FaceTime, an iPhone app which links people for online video-chat, for porn-y virtual meetups, organized via Craigslist. Despite Steve Jobs’s best efforts to keep porn off the iPhone, it’s already here – and probably here to stay. This could change things for the adult entertainment industry, making it even more individually-based, but there is one problem: FaceTime makes the full-body shot very difficult.
  • A New Jersey volunteer ambulance company has been accused of hosting sex parties with nude dancers and prostitutes. The First Aid Squad claims the allegations are part of a politically-motivated “smear campaign.”
  • Horrible news: A woman in France has been placed under official investigation for the suspected killing of eight new born infants. The 47-year-old suspect has been held in custody since the bodies were found on Tuesday.
  • Just three weeks after Hawaiian governor Linda Lingle vetoed a bill for same-sex civil unions, six gay couples are filing a lawsuit asking for the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. Members of the Hawaii Christian Coalition don’t approve: “I feel insulted. They keep bringing up Martin Luther King, black rights and women’s suffrage. This is not about that,” said (known bigot) Garret Hashimoto. “This is about two males or two females practicing sex. It’s behavior. It’s no different from smokers or drinkers.”
  • Police in California were forced to shoot a rampaging pregnant cow at a public fairground on Tuesday morning. Officers and veterinary officials agreed that the cow had become a threat after she had escaped her confines twice and lead officials on an hour and a half chase.
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