Chris Brown Sued For Assault; Prince Harry Arriving In U.S.

  • Chris Brown is being sued for assault and battery, but not by anyone you know:

The suit is being filed by Robert Rosen, who took a photo of Brown playing basketball at a gym in L.A. Rosen ran away when Brown’s bodyguards noticed him; but fell down the stairs in his rush. Then, according to this report, one of the bodyguards “picked him up by his shorts and physically assaulted him, causing further injuries.” [Radar Online]

  • Chris Brown‘s lawyer, Mark Geragos, says: “This is a specious and frivolous lawsuit by one of the paparazzi seeking publicity and a payday. [Rosen] has done this before and lost. We will vigorously defend against this.” [Radar Online, TMZ]
  • Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan has undergone surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his bladder. Be well. [BBC News]
  • Courtney Love “failed and refused to make payments” on her American Express cards, and the company’s taking her to court, claiming she owes $352,059.67 in unpaid charges and fees. Ugh, they always get you on the fees! [E!]
  • Hey, did you notice how Michael Lohan, who looooooves publicity, hid the fact that he was arrested in April for allegedly threatening to kill himself and his fiancée??? [MSNBC]
  • Will you root for Michael Lohan in his “celebrity” boxing match against Johnny Fairplay? [TMZ]
  • Director McG says the of the Christian Bale rant: “I’m to blame for the whole thing.” Really? Do tell! “First and foremost it’s my job to create a safe environment on the set at all times so that actors can explore any given emotion and always believe in the sanctity of the film… The fact it was leaked was inexcusable and I’m ashamed and embarrassed on behalf of Hollywood that that would happen. It’s very unfortunate.” He goes on to explain that he deliberately aggravated Bale so that his character would be more on edge: “I’m on the set getting in Christian’s face… Now that’s going to get him fired up in the spirit of creating a real life and death performance and that’s never meant to get outside that arena… The truth is simply Christian’s a good guy. Don’t accuse him of being a bad guy because he’s not. He loves his family, he has no entourage, he’s an actor’s actor and he operates from a place of passion. He’ll be the first to admit, ‘Wow, I flew off the handle,’ but he was very much involved in what I was driving him to.” [Telegraph]
  • Lionel and Nicole Richie talked to CNN’s Larry King in a joint interview which will air tonight. Larry asked Nicole if she’s going to get married, and she said, “Eventually, yes… I think for both of us, we are going to do it because we want to, not because that’s what you do.” And! As a grandfather, Lionel is “very animated. He smiles like this all the time, and so he’s nothing but fun for Harlow. She absolutely loves him.” Larry asked Lionel if he wanted Nicole and Joel to get married, and Lionel said: “I want them to take their time. I’m more interested in whether they like each other and whether they’re best friends. Because that means they’ll be great parents forever.” Wise man! [CNN]
  • ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8‘ madness: Why do viewers care about the Gosselins, anyway?” [NY Daily News]
  • Kylie Minogue wedding rumors: Persistent. This paper says she’s in Rome, among “engagement whispers.” [Daily Mail]
  • MSNBC Scoop’s Courtney Hazlett says it should come as no surprise that voting blocs were part of the American Idol process; writing: “The bottom line is this: it was a group of organized [Kris] Allen fans who went to the trouble of getting AT&T to their viewing parties and Fox has a system in place to discard power votes.” [MSNBC Scoop]
  • After being with Def Jam for years — and being the CEO of that label — Jay-Z is close to signing a deal with Sony. [Reuters]
  • Wait, this report says Jay-Z is in talks with Warner Music Group. [Gatecrasher]
  • Eminem‘s album had the best first-week sales of 2009. Then again, it’s been a crappy year for music. [Daily News]
  • A journalist did something to upset or tease Susan Boyle, and she lost her temper in a hotel lobby. Details are sketchy. [Mirror]
  • T.R. Knight will not be returning to Grey’s Anatomy next season, according to sources; apparently he has been frustrated by his character’s lack of storyline. [E!]
  • Kelly Ripa‘s lawyers have sent cease and desist letters to some internet weight loss product which uses Ripa’s face in its ads. [TMZ]
  • Emily Blunt will be honored as British Artist of the Year at the 2009 BAFTA/LA Brittania Awards on Nov. 5. Her upcoming films include The Young Victoria and The Wolfman, with my übercrush Benicio Del Toro. Congrats! [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • The Sydney Theater Company, run by Cate Blanchett and husband Andrew Upton, is experiencing a cash crisis. [Gatecrasher]
  • If you would like to see a video of Kristin Cavallari “making an entrance” at Spencer and Heidi’s wedding, by all means, click the link. Warning: it looks staged as all hell. [Perez]
  • Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford may be hooking up with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginzburg. [Page Six]
  • Chace Crawford on being in Footloose, the movie based on the musical based on the movie, which Zac Efron was supposed to star in: “I know Zac and we’re actually friends. He’s gotta make the best choice for his career at this point and I have to make the best for mine and luckily it worked out for both of us.” Chace also says: “I don’t know if the gymnastics [high bar] scene is going to make it. I’ve got some movement in me, but I’m not a dancer… I need to start stretching now.” [EW]
  • Tom Cruise has a job! He’ll star in action comedy Wichita, with Cameron Diaz as a costar. The gist: Cruise will play a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of a single woman. Do you think they will make out? [Variety]
  • Barbra Streisand has finished building her dream house and started to think about her life.” [AP]
  • Do you care about Katie “Jordan” Price? Do you care about her ex-boyfriend, former boy band singer Dane Bowers? He was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a car crash.[Independent]
  • The Little Britain guys are going after Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow; David Walliams told an interviewer that in order to sort out the “important issues” of the world he had to dress like a star from Les Miserables musical and call his first born child after a piece of fruit. [The Sun]
  • Something about this picture of Kelis pregnant and in a bikini makes me smile. [Concrete Loop]
  • Peter Falk‘s wife and daughter continue to battle over conservatorship of the 81-year-old actor, who suffers from dementia. [LA Times]
  • Phil Spector‘s lawyers are trying to get his sentence reduced. [AP]
  • Blind item! “Which Great White Way star tries to rock girls he’s crushing on by sending them X-rated photos of himself?” [Gatecrasher]
  • “I hope this doesn’t sound narcissistic because I have a supporting part in the movie, but I can’t wait to see it again. I’ve never been a part of a movie I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed.” — Justin Long, on the Sam Raimi thriller Drag Me To Hell. [CBS News]
  • “Most of the stuff I don’t tell her about, and she doesn’t want to know about. She wants me to come home safe. A lot of it, she’s just shook her head at. We’ve made a few trips to the hospital. That’s how you know I am hurt, when I come home and voluntarily go by the emergency room. I’ve busted a few ribs and bruised my back and cracked the bone in my elbow. I think I got a concussion. It’s my job.” — Jesse James, who withholds information about his show Jesse James Is A Dead Man from wife Sandra Bullock. [USA Today]
  • “I was really interested in seeing what the routine is, and it’s really shocking, no matter what you’ve done, you stole, you killed or whatever, if you’re in prison, everybody gets treated the same – I kinda thought that was really shocking. When they strip away your basic human rights, there’s a routine of going anywhere – one door closes, another one opens. If they have a suspicion that you have anything on you, they strip-search you. You can’t do what you want to do anymore. And that to me was a lot more shocking. “They don’t make a difference – like he raped 58 women and killed 10 or if you didn’t pay your parking tickets and you’re in prison for six months, it doesn’t matter, it’s the same.” — Diane Kruger, who researched prison life for her new French thriller Anything For Her. [Mirror]
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