Christian Bale Losing It: Hot or Not?


By now you’ve probably heard the audio of Christian Bale verbally abusing a director of photography on the set of Terminator 4. Should this change his status as one of our #1 lust objects?

Naturally, there are compelling arguments on both sides of this sensitive issue. I’ve boiled them down below:

Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t Lust for Christian Bale Anymore:

  • He sounds like a complete and utter asshole.
  • This ugly outburst makes that whole pushing his mom business seem a little more distasteful.
  • Most of his rant is delivered in an American accent, which is really sort of pretentious and show-offy.
  • Seriously, who talks to people like that?

Reasons Why It’s Okay If You Still Do:

  • He can do berzerker rage in an American accent, which makes him sort of talented.
  • At least it wasn’t directed at his 11-year-old daughter. Remember, we’ve all forgiven Alec Baldwin because he’s so funny on 30 Rock!
  • American Psycho was awesome and already sort of inured (even endeared?) us to the idea of Bale as a twisted Adonis who might lose it any minute.
  • Everyone already thinks women love assholes. So, why not embrace it and love a really well-known asshole?
  • Christian Bale would never talk to you that way!

I say: It was only 36 F-bombs. Lust on.

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