Clinton Scores Another Hood; Republicans Lose More Ground

  • Yale University awarded Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an honorary Doctorate of Law yesterday, after which she spoke to the Law School graduating class. You know some of the undergraduate seniors were pissed. [Associated Press]
  • Clinton will soon extend spousal benefits to all domestic partners (same sex or otherwise) of Foreign Service Officers, making other federal employees jealous. [Washington Post]
  • One of her predecessors, Colin Powell, is sick of taking shit from Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. [Reuters]
  • Karl Rove, for his part, still thinks Dick Cheney rulez and Colin Powell droolz. [Think Progress]
  • Seventy percent of Americans disagree with Rove, but what else is new. [Time]
  • Oh, and if you were wondering why, other than an Elektra Complex, Liz Cheney is running around kissing her dad’s ass and talking about how good torture is for America’s moral authority in the world, it’s ’cause she’s gonna run for office. [ThinkProgress]
  • Kim Jong Il shot off a couple of missiles at that news. Then he launched some nukes. [NY Times]
  • The RNC can’t decide whether it wants to screw Nancy Pelosi or hurt her, but it certainly doesn’t want to debate her policies because its full of a bunch of misogynist frat boys jerking off to old James Bond films. [Politico]
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