CNN Had Four Women Discuss Something Other Than Weddings & Babies


You’re not hallucinating as you slip into a mid-afternoon taco coma; CNN really did just feature a panel of four women discussing something on the news. And — AND!— the all-lady discussion wasn’t even about so-called “women’s issues” like THE ROYAL BABY or COOL FAVORS TO GIVE OUT AT YOUR BUDGET RECESSION WEDDING — they were talking about President Obama’s enormous speech about the economy.

The panel consisted of CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jessica Yellin, CNN’s Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger, CNN business anchor Christine Romans, and host Brooke Baldwin. All four women offered their own intelligent analysis of the President’s speech. Nary a yogurt was shared. No one got upset and yelled like Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Turns out, featuring four women in a discussion of serious economic issues looks … pretty cool. And 1000% better than this:

A four-lady panel is especially refreshing on CNN, a network that in April was spanked by Media Matters for welcoming the smallest percentage of female guests of any of the major cable news network during their evening programming.

Now it would be great if CNN could work on featuring some female analysts of color during their super serious economic discussions. Sigh. Baby steps.

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