Coco Rocha Speaks Out About Models' Health; Crystal Renn To Walk In London Fashion Week

  • Rocha: “It is unforgivable that an adult should demand that [a] girl unnaturally lose the weight vital to keep her body functioning properly. How can any person justify an aesthetic that reduces a woman or child to an emaciated skeleton?”
  • It’s rare (if not totally unprecedented?) to see a high-profile working model, still in the prime of her career, address these issues with such eloquence, clarity, and directness. You really should read the whole thing. [OhSoCoCo]
  • Crystal Renn will walk in the Mark Fast show this week in London. Last season, stylist Erika Kurihara of i-D magazine was fired from the show hours before the collection was set to walk because Kurihara had objected to the Canadian designer’s choice to put a couple of plus-size models in his lineup. [Glamour]
  • British chain Debenhams is set to begin using U.K. size 16 mannequins in its windows, because 42% of its sales are of size 14 and 16 garments. The “average” British woman is herself a size 16. [Telegraph]
  • At the opening of London Fashion Week, officials observed the death of Alexander McQueen with a minute’s silence. [BBC]
  • Convicted rapist Anand Jon, a designer who preyed on young models, is facing a raft of charges in New York — but instead of the high-profile legal team that unsuccessfully defended Jon in California, at his side are two court-appointed lawyers. The former designer says he is now broke, and can’t afford his own counsel. [HuffPo]
  • “For all this blather about youthful revolt, [Phillip] Lim is keeping alive one of the most offensive and ridiculous traditions of Fashion Week: giving gift bags to front-row attendees only. Newsflash — these privileged people don’t need any more free stuff. Far better to have left those sacks on the seats in the last row, where a present really means something.” — Lynn Yaeger, fashion week renegade. [The Cut]
  • Dolce & Gabbana will livestream its Milan fashion show — but only for iPhone users. Because Stefano Gabbana bought one last year, and he loves it, and it’s better than a Blackberry, so neener neener. [WSJ]
  • Samples from the spring, 1987, couture collection Christian Lacroix designed for Jean Patou, which was never produced, will be auctioned off. [WWD]
  • “I worked very late and then I took a Xanax, which is my favorite,” says Isaac Mizrahi. “My pre-show ritual is a sleeping pill for sure, or a sort of de-stress pill.” [The Cut]
  • Fashion week in Pakistan is stressful for different reasons: the bomb squad had to attend, just in case, and the organizers received death threats from Islamic extremists. [ToL]
  • Bono crashed Rodarte‘s after-party. [Irish Central]
  • Todd Oldham, as promised, has appealed the court’s dismissal of his breach-of-contract lawsuit against Old Navy. [WWD]
  • Heidi Montag says she’s designing new clothes for her new surgically altered body. “Most of my inspiration comes from old movies and I have tons of books on old Hollywood. I just love the magnificence of that time–the sequins, the sexiness. I want to capture the true luster of Hollywood in all my designs,” explains the reality star. Ominously, she says, “Look out for my bikini line this summer!” Which could refer either to clowning for the paparazzi, or a swim wear collection, we suppose. [People]
  • Since Ksubi announced its bankruptcy, the company has received more than 30 offers to buy it. Its creditors have voted to accept one tendered by Quicksilver Europe’s founder, and an Australian streetwear company called Bleach. So the brand will be saved — for now. [Ragtrader]
  • Kelly Osbourne wants to follow in Gwen Stefani‘s footsteps, and get a clothing line. “I want to do one so bad. And I think that Gwen is the perfect example of how to do a line because it’s not like ‘Oh that’s Gwen Stefani for blah, blah, blah.’ You look at it and it’s L.A.M.B. I hope I can do something like that soon.” [StyleList]
  • Last night, Naeem Khan showed a glittery, glistening, beaded, metallic, embellished — did we mention there were sequins? — collection of shiny, sparkling dresses. And talked about Michelle Obama a lot. What we still want to know more about is that horrendous hi-top fade-inspired hair. [WSJ]
  • The Cut stuck it out at the Richie Rich Pamela Anderson A*Muse show that we could not hack two nights back — after the long trek to bloody 11th Ave and 29th St., and a long wait before a very disorganized front-of-house team, the un-navigable venue and stressed-out staffers within sent us homeward when after an hour (“9pm SHARP,” the invitations said, ha ha) the show had not even begun. (Also someone stepped on our fucking foot with a high heel.) Apparently, all we would’ve had to do to see Pamela in “a bathing suit made from oversize sequined rubber bands” was wait another 15 minutes! There are glories to which we do not aspire. [The Cut]
  • Ever hopeful, Weatherproof has sent 200 jackets to “world leaders,” a category that apparently includes Republican junior senator Scott Brown. Who would dare wear one and take the risk of waking up as a billboard? [WWD]
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