College Tells Women 'If You Can Shop Online, You Can Learn Online"


Ladies! Stop clicking on all that crap on Bluefly! Did you know that know that if you took five seconds to stop ogling shoes and purses you could just as easily be clicking around and learning stuff? Of course you didn’t! You’re just a lady, silly.

Welcome to Bay Path College, where you can learn how to be a perfect replica of a 1950s gender stereotype. Women! They like to shop! Probably with their husband’s money, AMIRITE? Then they can buy all the shoes and makeup and be pretty little dolts who sit around, maxing out other people’s credit cards. If you’ve been looking for the perfect accessory to go with that cute dress you just snagged on sale at Anthropologie, boy, have we got the answer for you—a diploma! (You can hang it in one of those pretty driftwood frames you just bought on Etsy!)

Oof. This advertisement is a doozy. Sure, they’re trying to be “cute” by mimicking fashion editorial spreads, but this not the message you want to send about women and education, OK?

Look. I get that you want you capture a digital audience that’s increasingly filled with more and more women, but as we know here at this blog, women don’t just go online for shopping, OK? They like to lots and lots of other stuff that doesn’t involve crude stereotypes about how LADIEZ BE SHOPPIN’ AND SHIT. By the way, in case you didn’t realize it, Bay Path College, men’s online shopping actually surpassed women’s online shopping waaaaaaay back in 2012 and pretty much match their habits in 2014. Gotta love dumb gender marginalizing based on total bullshit!

What I don’t get is how you could do this in the first place, Bay Path College. LOOK there’s a lady depicted on your own goddamn website that’s not a complete embarrassment to the last 40 years of women’s fight for equality in educational institutions. What the hell was wrong with using something like that? You have a Women in Science Honors Program! For fuck’s sake, don’t embarrass yourself and demean all the women out there who are actually looking for a decent educational option with this kind of bullshit. Come on.

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