Courtney Stodden Says She's a 'True Feminist'


Feminism is having a moment, you guys. First Miley Cyrus and now Courtney Stodden—everyone wants to be part of our little club! It would seem that we are officially in the midst of the Fourth Wave. The difference is that this time around we’re wearing makeup, so people don’t mind being associated with us.

Soon-to-be ex-child bride Courtney Stodden sat down for an interview on Bethenny, where she was promoting her decision not to do porn or to ever leak a sex tape. Honestly, she’s like a savant when it comes to shocking people, because that’s like the opposite of what we were all expecting.

Bethenny was kind of hard on Courtney about her chosen aesthetic, because she couldn’t really fathom why anyone would want to look that way unless they were interested in a porn career. But if you think about it, Courtney is just a skimpier, more updated version of what Dolly Parton has been doing for years. Some girls just think that shit is glamorous and it has nothing to do with the male gaze.

And that’s essentially what Courtney said in the interview. At 19, she’s really much more articulate than she was at 16. (Maybe it has something to do with all the time she spent around Brits while on Celebrity Big Brother this year?) Of her failed marriage to Doug Hutchinson, she said something pretty interesting:

I know it sounds crazy but I don’t have daddy issues and I think that’s maybe why it didn’t work out.

But then she dropped the real bomb:

I know people might think this is funny but I actually feel that I am a true feminist.

The audience snickered, which was shitty—bad-extensions shitty, so Courtney was undoubtedly familiar with the feeling and not bothered in the least. It would’ve been nice for Bethenny to ask at least one followup question because it was an interesting thread, but instead she cut her off to ask if Courtney felt attacked by Bethenny. Because nothing is more important than knowing what people think of Bethenny Frankel.

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