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Duckie Brown, co-designed by Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, is a menswear line frequently described as “edgy.” But that always seemed like a misnomer, because “edgy” seems to connote pretentiousness and an attitude that’s painfully serious… and Duckie Brown is anything but. The line is playful, occasionally provocative and frequently funny; these are clothes that make you feel happy, a sensation an “edgy” label would often fail to impart. After the jump, Jezebel Jennifer critiques the Fall 2008 collection, currently being held in NYC’s Bryant Park. (Click on picture to jump to her liveblog.)

1:10 PM
Ok in my seat @ duckie. Swag is a men’s shaving kit (with a brush and everything) and a box of RIT dye. Mine is kelly green. I am going to try to spy in other people’s bags to see what color they got.

Hmm, Guy next to me got green too. He seems super puzzled by the dye. Dude, aren’t we all.

In the front row are these people I was chatting with before: A middle-aged-ish woman and her 13-yr old niece. The older cousin is friends with the designers and they met her cousin and invited her to the show
This is her first-ever fashion show, she told me, and the other kids in school are all really jealous. I am glad her first show is menswear. Now she’ll just think fashion is cool and fun and quirky and not about anorexia. Also this crowd seems more…oh, how shall I put it? It’s more gay men and less bitchy women.
As opposed to the usual 50-50 split at most shows. Subsequently, there is an air of bonhomie, as opposed to silent judgment, in the air

Ooh the music is starting. It almost sounds funereal; Lots of organ, think fast-paced phantom of the opera. Ok they’re taking the plastic off the runway…

If I were a gay man, this music would make me want to dance around in a g-string and do poppers. Everyone’s swaying in their seats to the music. If I didn’t know better, I would think this was an episode of Pinky & The Brain. And that the music is here to make us never want to stop swaying in unison so the Brain can take over the world.

Ok lights are going down…it’s starting…They turned the music all the way down. There’s a very slim, tailored suit with an full blouse underneath. Very cool. And a wool coat I want for myself! Ooh and this hooded grandpa sweater in green. I would totally wear that.

Everything’s in black and grey and green is the only color. Haha, someone just whistled at one of the male models – and considering we’re sitting here in silence, it was awkward.

Ah – a purple hat! And a purple suit that almost looks like a dress from behind?

These slouchy knit caps are fierce. I even think I could talk my boyfriend into one of those

1:35 PM
A sheer crochet sweater, however? Not so much. Same goes for the glittery sweater. And the blouses being shown underneath the suiting

And…it’s over. I think my straight man would wear the plaid shirt, the windbreaker-puffy jackets, and I would beg him to try one of those hats. And I want a hat and that green sweater for myself, all the way!
Gender roles: who needs ’em?

P.S. Overheard by a fellow attendee exiting the show: “I loved all the papery weirdness!”

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