Cristin Milioti Faked 20 Orgasms So You Could Enjoy Made For Love

A moment of silence for all the faked orgasms that the audience did not get to see

Cristin Milioti Faked 20 Orgasms So You Could Enjoy Made For Love
Image:Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Actors do a lot to get their projects off the ground and projected into the homes of millions, or at least that’s what they were saying they do in a Hollywood Reporter roundtable including Cristin Milioti, Lena Waithe, Kaley Cuoco, Aidy Bryant, and Holly Hunter. And while each of those women has done difficult things for their art—Aidy Bryant confronting body image issues in intimate scenes, Kaley Cuoco awkwardly hovering over a man she was pretending to fuck, Lena Waithe being friends with Aziz Ansari—perhaps none has done more for the craft of acting and dare I say it, the craft of womanhood, than Cristin Milioti.

“They had me do, like, 20 orgasms,” Milioti said referring to the production team behind her HBO Max limited series, Made for Love. “The worst part was they had a camera right here [right up to her face] and they were like, “Great, now do an orgasm like it’s real. Now do it like you’re faking it for him. Now do it like you want it… I was so embarrassed.”

Milioti was referring to a scene in the pilot episode where her on-screen husband, Billy Magnussen, went down on her and Milioti’s face was in extreme close up as she was receiving what appeared to be subpar oral. It was a wonderful scene which reminded me of a time I, too, was getting some head and the giver caught me looking out the window. I was contemplating breakfast the next morning and perhaps had I taken classes from Milioti I would have been better off.

While I fully understand that acting is all about faking things, it is incredible that a woman could or would choose to fake 20 orgasms. I mean, just getting one really convincing orgasm out is exhausting enough but 20? And all in different flavors? How does this woman not have an Oscar yet?

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