Cruise Recreating The Titanic's Disastrous Voyage Is A Terrible Idea


Today in extreme and questionable geekery: a British company has almost sold out the 2,000 available tickets for two cruises that promise to recreate the Titanic’s ill-fated maiden voyage on the 100th anniversary of the disaster next year. Floating piece of door and Leonardo DiCapriosicle not included.

The cruises are part of another reswelling of interest in the lore of the lost gigantic ship— next year, James Cameron’s Titanic will be rereleased in 3D, festivals marking the 100th anniversary of the boat’s demise will occur on both sides of the pond, and crazy, rich bastards will be able to pay a Russian company $59,000 to take a submarine down to the site of the wreckage.

The Titanic cruise passengers will thankfully cross the Atlantic on a ship that isn’t named Titanic II: Titanic 2 Titanic, but rather the MS Balmoral. According to the Independent, exquisite attention has been paid to every detail, so that the passengers willing to pay the $10,000 or so the trip costs will be treated to the nerdiest, most historically accurate disaster recreation ever. They’ll follow the exact path of the ship to the point where the vessel hit an iceberg and went down in the north Atlantic. Passengers will be served food from the same menu served to passengers during the Titanic’s journey. Relatives of passengers on the original Titanic will be aboard. Presumably, half of those on board will lose their virginity to a poor lad with a heart of gold, after he draws them like he draws one of his French girls. Diamonds for everyone! The ship will briefly halt at the exact location where the Titanic went down, so that on April 15 at precisely 2:20 am, passengers will participate in a memorial service for the passengers lost to the chilly waters exactly 100 years before.

No word on whether or not Celine Dion will be providing the endlessly repeated soundtrack.

Watch out for the icebergs… cruise recreating Titanic’s fateful voyage is sold out [Independent]

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