Daytime TV Is Very Serious Business in the First Morning Show Trailer

Daytime TV Is Very Serious Business in the First Morning Show Trailer

Apple has released a trailer for The Morning Show, a new prestige drama about morning television. This first glance looks maybe a little too straightforwardly serious, considering that the entire vibe of morning shows is a fever-dream blend of vicious competitiveness and terrifying cheerfulness. However, I remain extremely hopeful.

The teaser trailer is basically just a slow tracking shot through a darkened morning show backstage, creeping toward a control room, with a barrage of voices saying things like “Good morning; I’m bring you some sad and upsetting news,” and “I’m just here to deliver the news to America.” While it’s not a straight adaptation, The Wrap reported that the show is drawn, in part, from Brian Stelter’s (very good) Top of the Morning, about the war for daytime supremacy and the internal drama at NBC., which is a great book to read on maternity leave as a newly minted member of the daytime audience, if anyone’s in the market. It is extremely juicy stuff, and perfect TV fodder.

It is part of Apple’s splashy attempt to launch itself into the streaming wars, with a cast that includes Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrell, and Reese Witherspoon, among others. Hopefully that lineup will infuse some frenzied comedy into the show itself, because it’s hard to imagine depicting daytime any other way.

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