Divorce Fair Helps Couples Move On • Syphilis On The Rise In China


• Italy has decided to jump on the bandwagon (pioneered by U.S. and British organizers) and host a “divorce fair.” The event aims to help divorcing people start a new life. Services include anti-stalking help — and makeover tips! •

• A new study of nearly 4,000 women nationwide found that many of us don’t really care either way about pregnancy. Despite common belief that women either want babies or want to avoid insemination at all costs, researchers found that 23% of sexually active females aged 25 to 45 said they are “OK either way” with the idea of motherhood. • The same study found that 46% of adults think two is the ideal number for kids, while 26% said three, 9% four, and 3% wanted either none, one, or over five children. • Researchers from the Glostrup University Hospital in Denmark have found a significant link between workplace-related stress and heart disease in women under 50. The study followed 12,000 female nurses for 15 years, during which time they found that the women who rated their work pressure as “much too high” were 35% more likely to develop heart disease than those who were “comfortable” with the level of pressure. • Although the majority of U.S. mothers are white, in the past twenty years there has been a boost in births to Hispanic women (up from 14% to 24%). This statistic, along with the dropping rate of teen pregnancy, has lead the Pew Research Center to suggest that the face of the “American mom” has changed rather drastically over the years. • Doctors in China have been seeing a huge resurgence of cases of syphilis, reports CBS. An article published today in the New England Journal of Medicine documents the sharp increase in syphilis cases, which has been especially notable in newborns. Some doctors believe that the rise is mainly due to closeted gay or bisexual men, many of whom are married and have children. • A survey of Ohio teens found that girls are more likely to discuss their dating lives with the parents, and both boys and girls are more likely to talk to their mothers about puppy love problems. However, neither gender really wanted to discuss their sex lives with their parents, a finding that probably surprised absolutely no one. •

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