Do Women Pick Workplaces Like They Pick Boyfriends? Forbes' List Makes You Wonder…


Forbes came out with one of those “Top 100” lists it generates every few hours and it’s all about powerful women. But don’t touch that scrollbar! The Street went through the list, did the dirty work and came back with a portfolio of ten stocks you can buy to support women CEOs. And boy, is it NOT PRETTY. Seriously, the list of companies they came up with is like the investment equivalent of a room full of ill-advised ex-boyfriends! Pepsi is the boring frat boy, Alcatel Lucent is the straightedge vegan bike messenger whose tattoos had some cachet in 1998 but then you realized he was (duh) broke; Kraft Foods is a really boring trust fund kid you were attracted to mainly for his nihilistic best friend; and Wellpoint ….. sells insurance. Do I sense a connection?

On second thought, maybe not. After thinking to myself: “where are the Toyotas? The Googles? The Goldmans?” I realized the list of really awesome companies out there was pretty short; same goes for dudes; the end. Sure glad I didn’t waste my nonexistent future money on an MBA!

Top Powerful Women Stock Holdings [Stockpickr]

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