​Dog Starts House Fire After Turning On Stove, Setting Fire to Laptop


Authorities are paws-itively ast-hound-ed (sorry) after responding to a reported fire in Lacey Township in New Jersey, only to find the culprit was a dog.

When the Forked River Fire Department arrived at the scene of a house fire last night, they found that no one was inside the home at the time and were able to put it out. They did, however, find (and safely rescue) the family dog. Upon further investigation, they found that there was a laptop placed on top of the stove. And that the dog turned the stove on, allowing the laptop to catch fire, which then caused the house fire.

Okay. So who in their right minds puts a laptop on a stove? A dog who wants to destroy evidence, obviously. Is it me or is this the fishiest sounding crime ever, and not because a dog was able to turn a stove on? Obviously this pooch was in possession of some classified information that needed some destroying. Or maybe another dog wanted to send a strong message. OR MAYBE, AND MOST PROBABLY, this was the work of a wily cat who wanted to frame the poor dog.

Honestly at this point I’m just glad no one and no dog was hurt. But folks, should there be a fire in my apartment because someone left my laptop on the stove…know that it’s because I asked all the wrong questions and that this thing is bigger than we thought.

Image via Shutterstock.

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