Dr. Phil Kind of Handed Drew Barrymore Her Ass This Week

Dr. Phil Kind of Handed Drew Barrymore Her Ass This Week

The Drew Barrymore Show was rebranded The Drew Scarymore Show for Halloween, which Barrymore loved (“the funnest pun of my name that’s ever been used”). Segments included her hunting for ghosts in the basement of her studio’s building and a tutorial on what to with “leftover” Halloween candy (spoiler: it involved putting sweets on sweets). She was also joined by Dr. Phil McGraw, who joined her dressed as the Scream killer Ghostface and proceeded to cut her down to size when the chronically late Barrymore asked him what the key is to being on time.

“People that are chronically late are chronically late because they think they’re so important they can’t leave where they are because the world will fall off its axis if they do. And they think that time will suspend for them because they really think the world revolves around them. And they don’t stop and empathetically think what does this mean for everybody else on the other end,” he tough-loved her. Oops!

Elsewhere, Drew revealed her love of beekeepers, the protagonist of the new Adam Sandler movie, ginger, her life, the Showcase Showdown on the Price Is Right, the brand LG, and a festive food or beverage that gets us in the Halloween spirit. When she told the reality-TV ghost hunter that she loves a compass, he laughed at her. Fun stuff!

Also, since it was Halloween week, there were even more screams than usual. Trick or treat: You tell me. Also in this last round is a tribute to Barrymore’s throws to commercial, which have gotten more inventive over time. In Barrymore’s hands, “We’ll be right back,” is no mere craft; it’s an art.

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