Duchesses Kate and Meghan Did What You're Supposed to Do at the Holidays: Fought and Moved On

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After months of speculation that Meghan yelled at Kate’s handmaiden and made fun of Prince George’s royal shorts when she wasn’t demanding that Windsor Castle be hosed down with Glade, at least the air is now temporarily clear between everyone’s new favorite duchess and everyone’s former favorite duchess.

The Duchess of Sussex felt as though she’d been snubbed by the Duchess of Cambridge, who in turn felt as if the Duchess of Sussex was using her to “climb the royal ladder.” The two ended their feud over pudding on Christmas Day at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England, which sounds like but is not the plot to a single Henry James novel of which I am aware.

[Us Weekly]

Danielle Staub’s awful husband has been“removed” from but not arrested at their New Jersey home. Staub was granted a protective order against Marty Caffrey earlier today after accusing him of literally reenacting scenes from Gaslight on her:

Specifically, our sources say Danielle believes Marty has purposely loosened light bulbs, turned off power and cut off hot water sporadically just to screw with her. We’re told he has another place where he could live while they hash things out in court, but insists on staying in their home.


  • Have we conclusively proven that proximity Scott Disick doesn’t cause some sort of temporary suspension of good judgement? [Us Weekly]
  • Bar Refaeli dated Leonardo DiCaprio for ages. Is it possible she thought that came with some sort of tax credit? [TMZ]
  • I’m now earnestly just looking for opportunities to call an enemy “the disgust.” [E! News]
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