Dude Cannot Get Over How Freaking Nice This Gas Station Bathroom Is


A man was so impressed with the bathroom he found he made a video to commemorate it and share it with the rest of the world. Beautiful.

Gas station bathrooms are notoriously foul and terrifying. Almost every single one I have ever been forced to set foot in looks like a rhinoceros with crippling diarrhea tore through it moments before I got there. So I was not really looking forward to watching this video about the supposed “nicest gas station bathroom.” Anything without a rotting dead body would probably qualify in the top five.

I was prepared for a modest toilet maybe a nice air freshener and some Vanity Fair magazines (always a sign of a classy crapper) but WHOA MAN. This gas station bathroom is some next level stuff.

Filmed at a Shell station in Bohol, Philippines, by model and TV personality Jason Godfrey ,this video features the only time you will probably ever see a story about how nice a gas station bathroom is. Ever. In the next 5,000 years, you will probably not witness a moment like this. This is special.

This was something so spectacular Godfrey decided to share it with the world. “This toilet is better than my room,” says the enthusiastic john user. “It’s better than my apartment, actually.” There is LEGIT ART hanging on the wall. It smells “super menthol” according to our intrepid video toilet journalist.

“I had to make a video about this. And it’s about a toilet,” says Godfrey. That’s the sound of someone realizing they are making a video about a gas station bathroom. What magical modern times we live in.

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