Emily Ratajkowski Posts Support for Amber Heard As She Allegedly Moves on with Brad Pitt

Ratajkowski said on Tiktok, "its getting even SCARIER to be a woman," while newly public docs reveal chilling abuse allegations against Pitt.

Emily Ratajkowski Posts Support for Amber Heard As She Allegedly Moves on with Brad Pitt

On Sunday, Johnny Depp’s “comeback” at the VMAs was met with virtually no pushback from the event’s many celebrity guests, despite extensive allegations of violence and abuse made by his ex-wife Amber Heard. But that same day, recently single model and author Emily Ratajkowski appeared to express support for Heard in a TikTok, in which she references backlash against Heard and widespread support for Depp as evidence that “its 2022 and its getting even SCARIER to be a woman.”

Her list of evidence for this includes “roe v wade getting overturned,” “Harvey [Weinstein] getting an appeal,” “Shia [LaBeouf]’s redemption tour,” and alas, “the way y’all dragged amber and the precedent that court case set.” All of this is true, and considering celebrity support for Heard over Depp has been such a rarity that a few celebs “unliking” Depp’s celebratory Instagram post recently made news, I certainly appreciate Ratajkowski using her platform to support Heard and note how the “precedent” set by her case impacts all women.

That said, the timing of Ratajkowski’s TikTok isn’t just notable because it came on the same day as the VMAs. According to a couple reports, Ratajkowski is currently dating Brad Pitt, though OK! says “it’s still very early.” If the reports are true, there’s an unfortunate irony to her support for Heard: Newly public FBI records detail chilling allegations from Angelina Jolie, Pitt’s ex-wife, that he abused her and their shared children.

Per Jolie’s initially anonymous lawsuit, an intoxicated Pitt got into an altercation with their teenage son Maddox, and Pitt allegedly pushed her against a wall, grabbed her head, and spilled alcoholic beverages on her, while yelling at her and the kids. By the time the plane landed, Jolie alleges it had sustained $25,000 worth of damage from Pitt’s outburst. Jolie also claims Pitt told her one of their kids “looks like a fucking Columbine kid,” and accused her of being “crazy” and “ruining this family.” Jolie, who’s previously alluded to experiencing domestic violence whilst advocating for the Violence Against Women Act, also hinted that Pitt had mistreated her in a 2021 interview with The Guardian and divulged to the outlet that Pitt had continued working with Harvey Weinstein, even after Jolie told him how the serially abusive executive had harmed her.

While Pitt and Jolie’s case (thankfully) hasn’t gone to trial or yet reached the level of spectacle that Heard and Depp’s did, there are already unsettling parallels: Heard also accused Depp of assaulting her on a plane (an allegation seemingly corroborated by texts from Depp and his assistant around the same time); she and Jolie are both openly bisexual and much speculation has been made about their mental health; and Depp and Pitt’s responses to the allegations are also strikingly similar, with both insinuating that Heard and Jolie are vengeful liars making these claims for personal gain. Pitt also has a pretty extensive history of allegedly dating underage girls. All of this is not great!!

Ratajkowski is recently separated from Sebastian Bear-McClard, her husband of four years, as of last month. She all but confirmed rumors of his infidelity by liking a tweet that read, “I can’t believe that little bitch cheated on emrata.” Since, Ratajkowski was first reportedly seen on a possible date with Pitt, according to the oft-scarily accurate celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi. On Monday, OK! reported the two are quietly dating, and that Pitt, notably a 58-year-old man, “was crushing on Emily” as early as “the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party,” when Ratajkowski was still with Bear-McClard. Shortly after Ratajkowski separated from Bear-McClard, the magazine’s source said “[Pitt] asked her out, and she said yes. She’s always thought Brad was cute, and the way she saw it, what did she have to lose?”

I’m all for Ratajkowski revenge-rebounding from her cheating ex with a legendarily hot superstar, and I know finding a very famous man who doesn’t have a closet brimming with skeletons is tough these days. But I’m convinced she could find someone who isn’t accused of making Jolie feel like she and her children were being held “hostage” on a plane. As a celebrity who’s very much tied her public image to feminist activism and has detailed experiences with sexual assault and harassment in her memoir, dating an alleged abuser seems pretty contrary to everything Ratajkowski has claimed to stand for.

Still, we wait more information!

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