Emma Watson Peaces Out of Little Women Press Tour

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Emma Watson Peaces Out of Little Women Press Tour
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If you were given the opportunity to beef with any of the Little Women cast, who would it be? Saoirse Ronan seems ripe for a feud, as does Florence Pugh, but I worry that Timothée Chalamet’s elven bone structure is too fragile for a real fistfight. Also, Laura Dern is more powerful than I could ever imagine, while Meryl Streep is rich enough to silence her enemies without ever batting an eye. Climbing the ladder, perhaps director Greta Gerwig then? Or maybe a studio executive!

I ask, mostly, because Emma Watson peaced out of the Little Women press tour before it even began. As arguably the most famous of the four main cast members, her absence is glaring. Page Six reports that she “refused” to join up while the other cast “has been hitting the promo circuit hit hard.” According to a source: “Emma’s reps told Sony that she would only do the premiere. We don’t really know what happened, if she wasn’t happy with the movie or fell out with the cast.”

Of course when these things happen, it must always come down to an imagined beef between women, because the laws of Hollywood state that none can exist in proximity to each other without some strain of jealous in-fighting tearing their production apart. A separate source even contradicts Page Six’s initial reading of the situation, telling the outlet that Watson was “thrilled” with the film and has been diligently promoting it on Instagram. Her 52.9 million followers, they claim, means she could “easily skip the tour and have equal impact.”

I’d also like to propose an alternative theory. In the eight years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2′s release, Emma Watson has undergone a public transformation into an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and global equality. Earlier this year, she launched a free legal advice hotline for workplace sexual harassment. She’s also a UN Goodwill Ambassador for women, and has spoken in front of the assembly multiple times on pay equity. Also, headlines concerning movies usually operate by order of importance. If you stick three people in a press junket, then most outlets will usually lead with the most famous when writing up their interviews. I can easily imagine a scenario where, seeing as she is the most well known of the four Little Women—also comprised of Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, and Eliza Scanlen—Watson chose to opt out of leading the press cycle to give her cast mates some more air time. (Of course, this doesn’t account for Meryl Streep and Laura Dern’s involvement, but the studio would never stand for either sitting it out.)

I have no proof for this theory, save Watson’s long, incredibly well documented political journey the last decade, but I hate when these press cycles pit these people against each other without first considering more rational alternatives. Who knows though—they might all hate each other’s fucking guts! [Page Six]

Miami residents were treated with a beautiful, moving Christmas light display in the harbor Wednesday night! TMZ reports that around 9 pm, singer Marc Anthony’s 120-foot yacht burst into flames while docked at the Island Gardens Marina. It burned for over an hour until it was completely engulfed, at which point it capsized.

Thankfully, no one was injured, except this huge fucking yacht. TMZ reports that it is worth $7 million, with 5 separate cabins and room for enough bed space for 12 people. It also features “a BBQ, satellite TV, wifi, a jacuzzi and docking stations for multiple jet skis.” What will his celebrity friends do now, party on a completely different yacht? That seems like a lot of work!

Meanwhile, officials are also uncertain what exactly sparked the blaze. It could have been arson, a jealous lover, electrical failure, or even Christmas miracle. I do think more celebrities should light their yachts on fire, though! Watching the light show from bed last night lulled me into a peaceful, quiet sleep. Thanks, Marc! [TMZ]

She’s back, again! (With worse thumbnails than ever!)

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