EmRata and Eric Andre Just Hard Launched Their Relationship in the Nude, Obviously

Emily Ratajkowski had herself a wild, post-divorced summer/fall. But based on Andre's V-Day Insta post, it seems those days are behind her?

EmRata and Eric Andre Just Hard Launched Their Relationship in the Nude, Obviously
Photo:Michael Simon/Shutterstock, @ericfuckingandre/Instagram

It’s off to the races for the newly separated Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre, who chose Valentine’s Day of all days to hard launch their relationship via Instagram grid post. Yes, a grid post, meaning this is, apparently, very real and not just some forgettable, story-worthy fling. And in case you didn’t notice, the pair are quite nearly ass naked in Andre’s post, save for a sheer bra and well-placed heart emoji.

Ratajkowski appears to have taken the photos, catching her very undressed figure in the mirror, and Andre, equally undressed lying on a couch, their clothes a mess on the floor next to a bottle of red.

Frankly, I would expect nothing less from the hard-launch of the oft outrageous comedian and his apparent new, model girlfriend, famed for her charming proclivity for nude mirror selfies among other naked shots. I’m genuinely happy for them.

Prior to this post, Andre and Ratajkowski sparked dating rumors for weeks via frequent pap shots and, of course, their trip to the Cayman Islands last month. Wide circulation of photos of the two on social media sparked quite the reaction, with many expressing surprise that Andre could “pull” a woman like Ratajkowski. To that, I previously wrote for Jezebel:

“What’s become tiresome about public reactions to a couple like Ratajkowski and Andre is the performative shock and gawking at yet another wildly, conventionally hot woman spending time with a less conventionally attractive man. Beyond the obvious point that plenty of women might enjoy the company of a kind, funny man over that of a chiseled, sentient can of Monster Energy drink, there’s also the important reality that people can be attractive beyond mainstream (mostly white!) beauty standards. That shouldn’t really be that shocking anymore!”

Further, as writer Hannah Phifer pointed out in January, given the viral nature of “the girl I pulled by being silly” memes, especially across Twitter, you would truly think people would be less confused upon seeing this play out in real life.

In any case, I think Andre is sexy. He’s clearly funny too. And he seems a much better match for Ratajkowski than her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, who will perhaps forever be best known for being Ratajkowski’s ex-husband and for cheating on her—allegations the model appeared to confirm herself via “liking” a series of incriminating tweets in July.

Over the course of Ratajkowski’s wild, post-separation summer, she lived her best life, dating a string of hot, mysterious men, alternating between sitting courtside at a Knicks game with Pete Davidson and sitting on the back of a handsome DJ’s motorcycle whilst galavanting across the Big Apple. But unless she and Andre are open, that chapter appears to be closed, because there is no more definitive way to declare to the world that you are cuffed than by posting a photo of yourself naked in an equally naked man’s house—or, I suppose, they might just be seeking out a third?

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