Eric Dane Has Some Thoughts On His Wild, Dick-Out Euphoria Monologue

The actor, who plays Cal on the HBO show, delivered a 7-minute speech on Sunday night's episode that had him exposing himself for most of the scene.

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Eric Dane Has Some Thoughts On His Wild, Dick-Out Euphoria Monologue
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This season of Euphoria has really taken viewers on a journey thus far. Ignoring that in just four episodes, we’ve seen more dicks and tits than in the entire series of Game of Thrones, we’ve also been given a look into the backstories of characters we never got to explore in Season 1. Not dissimilar from the first episode offering a deep dive into drug dealer Fezco’s upbringing, episode four fleshed out what we learned about Cal—shithead Nate’s father— and his past in episode three.

Cal, played by McSteamy actor Eric Dane, was a teenager exploring his sexuality in the ‘90s and was seemingly in love with his best friend Derek. After discovering his girlfriend, now wife, Marsha was pregnant with their son Aaron, Cal married her and shut away the part of him that was in love with Derek, seemingly forever. In the episode that dropped this weekend, we saw Cal lay all his cards on the table. After peeing in his foyer and leaving his dick out in front of his wife and two kids, Cal delivers a 7-minute monologue that begins with a declaration of “I think I’m lonely.” He goes on to talk about the men he’s had sex with while his wife was pregnant, the emotions he’s had to conceal, and his inability to understand anything about his son Nate.

Dane talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the moment, saying that he had to have his dick out because “I can’t play this character with one foot in and one foot out, so I have to totally commit to it.” He also added what was going on in his character’s mind during the monologue:

“Cal tells Nate that he’s his biggest regret and, at face value, you might think that bringing Nate into the world is a regret. I don’t see it as that. I see it as, ‘I failed with you. You’re my biggest regret because I failed. I don’t know if Cal hates his son. He resents him, but I think, moreso, he resents himself for continuing the cycle of handing down the terrible attributes that were handed down to me by my father.”

The actor added that he hopes Cal “gets the opportunity to be a good parent” because “his son really needs his father and I hope Cal gets an opportunity to be a father to his son, to bury the hatchet so to speak.”

“Pretty difficult to do considering the burning hole he just left in the ground, but I think Cal wants some understanding and some acceptance from his son,” he added.

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