Europeans Name Sloggi Ad Most Degrading • Wombs Provide "Welcome Dances" For Sperm


The Guard Dogs, a French/Swiss feminist group, has named this underwear ad the most degrading of the year. The Guard Dogs also give out “macho medals” for the most sexist remarks. •

• According to a new report, single moms on welfare are more likely to suffer from untreated psychiatric disorders than women in the general population. • A survey conducted by a popular Chinese website found that many men would be willing to wear heels in order to feel the pain of their significant others. • Whiskey-drinkers rejoice (?): Jim Beam is releasing a black cherry version of its bourbon. • A recent poll in Britain found that one in five people approve of men slapping their wives or girlfriends for wearing revealing clothing in public. In response to the abysmal attitude on domestic violence, the government has launched a new campaign that aims to reduce rates of intimate-partner assault. • Although the Oxford English Dictionary has not yet embraced moobs, plastic surgeons certainly have. • A series of love letters by George Orwell will be auctioned off by the Bonhams auction service. They are expected to sell for more than $50,000. • Fanchon O’Donoghue, beloved “cookie lady,” has died at the age of 77. O’Donoghue got her nickname from her annual Christmas cookie bake-a-thon. • A new documentary Addicted to Surrogacy aims to “sidestep prejudice and present surrogates as regular women who have chosen an exceptional way to help other people.” • Scientists from Tel Aviv University have discovered that the uterus performs a “welcome dance” for sperm. • This March, New York City will see its first season of competitive double-dutch in public high schools, as part of an initiative to involve more girls in organized sports. • While interracial marriages have increased overall, rates of Hispanic and Asian Americans marrying outside their race has declined.Colleen Howe, one of the first female sports agents, has passed away. She was 76. • This article from the Times details the relationship between a high school boy and Traci Tapp, his predatory gym teacher. • Despite reform laws from 2004, Moroccan woman still face legal discrimination from judges, who can override laws and allow marriage to minors. • Sociological Images critiques a subway ad from NYC that advises victims to speak out about sexual harassment, but says nothing to possible assailants. • Women in India are receiving much-needed economic support from the Self-Employed Women’s Association, or Sewa, which offers loans, retirement accounts, and health insurance to enterprising women. • A recent study indicates that college-aged women overestimate the number of drinks men would like to see them imbibe. Researchers believe that this disconnect may be causing young women to binge drink in a misguided attempt to impress boys. • We may be approaching our Barbie saturation point, but apparently we’re the only ones: Mattel has announced that it plans to launch a Barbie Bridal collection in Japan this June. On the bright side, it can’t be any worse than the Hello Kitty gowns! •

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