Everyone Likes The Obamas, And Nicolas Sarkozy Likes His Wife's Derrière

  • The Obamas arrived in France and President Nicolas Sarkozy rolled out the red carpet and then demonstrated how best to remind your wife she’s married when she meets the hottest head of state. [Huffington Post]
  • After the British press went not-Lady gaga over Michelle Obama hugging the Queen, Buckingham Palace issued a statement that the Queen liked it. I mean, who wouldn’t? [CNN]
  • The British now think Michelle is totally awesome, including the Queen, who reportedly asked her to stay in touch. [Washington Post]
  • John Oliver wants us to know, though, that girl is poison. [Huffington Post]
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  • If you wanted some real G-20 news, apparently Sarkozy and Chinese President Hu Jintao got into a fight about tax havens and Obama broke it up. [ABC]
  • A low-level Clinton aide mistyped the number for reporters to dial into a conference call with Hillary Clinton yesterday, so they all ended up calling a phone sex line. Only 4 stayed on the line with the phone sex operator, though. [CNN]
  • To add insult to injury, House Minority Leader John “Helmet Head” Boehner then critiqued the hair or every reporter that showed up for his presser. He figures if no one shows up anymore, no one can ask him any hard questions. [CNN]
  • Now that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed the charges against former Ted Stevens pursued by the Bush Administration, Alaska Republicans really, really want a do-over election so he can get re-elected instead of the guy Alaskans actually elected. Sarah Palin wants it, too. [NY Times, ThinkProgress]
  • Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill wants all the single ladies unemployed journalists to go to work for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. [Politico]
  • Patrick Fitzgerald issued a 19-count, 75-page indictment against former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. It includes an allegation that he attempted to extort Rahm Emanuel, so Blago’s lucky he just got indicted and isn’t fish bait in Lake Michigan. [NY Times, Huffington Post]
  • Newt Gingrich wants his own Republican Party away from all those Republicans that think he’s a huge dick and don’t want him to be their Presidential candidate in 2012. [Politico]
  • The Senate passed Obama’s budget yesterday so now we can all live happily ever after. [The HillExcept that unemployment is now at 8.5% and employers eliminated 663,000 in March. [Huffington Post]
  • So Republicans are going to keep talking about the fake world currency. [Washington Independent]
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