Faith Stowers Feels 'Vindicated'

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Faith Stowers Feels 'Vindicated'
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Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute are now extremely fired from Vanderpump Rules after calling the cops on Faith Stowers in 2018 for no reason, and no one/no none other than celebrity gossip columnists is happier about this than Stowers herself.

“I feel so vindicated studios and production are able to see blatant racism and make these positive changes and help move the race forward — help with the fight forward,” Stowers told Page Six on Tuesday, shortly after news of Stassi’s and Kristen’s firings went public. Stowers had been praying for a family member when she heard. “I felt a sense of — I know it sounds corny — I felt a sense of glory,” she said. “I felt God’s presence and I’m seeing now maybe that is what that was. He gave me a sign of optimism meant to be hopeful and showing that all of this was worth it.”

Stowers revealed in an Instagram Live last week that Schroeder and Doute falsely accused Stowers of robbing people in Los Angeles, apparently as retailation for Stowers sleeping with Jax Taylor. Schroeder actually brought up the incident in a past interview, which was how Stowers learned about it:

Schroeder even bragged about the 2018 incident on a podcast, saying the pair had said to each other at the time, “We are like, we just solved a f–king a crime.” Doute also posted the picture of the suspect online, saying, “doesn’t this ex [Vanderpump Rules] thief look familiar?”


Stowers told Page Six she hopes this will be a moment of reckoning for Bravo, which seems to keep letting its reality TV stars get away with racism. “Now I’m seeing Bravo follow suit the same as MTV and The Challenge letting go of cast mates that have also made racist remarks,” she said. “Bravo is releasing women that have given crazy ratings for them because they want to be on the right side of history, and I’m seeing people are finally hearing us.” [Page Six]

Lest you thought we were done with Vanderpump Rules for the day, Porsha Williams would like to remind everyone that Stassi has several very racist skeletons in her closet. There is, for instance, the “Nazi chic” (and “Criminal chic,” and “Tupac chic”) photo she posted in 2018. That photo recently resurfaced—Williams called it out, according to Us Weekly:

“WTH,” the 38-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star wrote alongside a screenshot of the old Instagram Story.

Starting to sense a pattern here. [Us Weekly]

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