Frat's Taylor Swift Lip Dub Is Better Than Taylor Swift Herself

Shrug off whatever Taylor Swift was doing in her embarrassing and problematic video for “Shake It Off” and make Delta Sigma Phi – Beta Mu’s one-take wonder the official version you groove to. Pros include: No homophobia (good work, Frat!), no twerking, and hella cute dudes.

The guys who made this video at Transylvania University (which is in Kentucky and not located in Dracula’s castle — although, how cool would that be?) are pretty impressive. Not only must they have rehearsed this thing forever (because this is all ONE TAKE, you guys), but they seem like they’re actually a pretty nice group of dudes, too. I know you can’t tell that just by looking at someone, but guys singing unironically to Taylor Swift while not doing any weird “no homo” stuff and not even trying to be sexy (or twerking) (oh god, the twerking) seem like they’d be pretty down-to-earth and let all of us just hang with them and drink beer and listen to the latest Katy Perry and discuss her feud with T-Swizzle while keeping our grades up.

The biggest surprise for me was how many guys are in this frat. The videos I’ve seen about college fraternities usually feature 5-8 guys max. Live and learn, I guess!

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