Ghislaine Maxwell Becomes Bosom Buddies With Infamous Murderer in Prison

Thelma has reportedly found her Louise in Narcy Novack, a woman convicted for the murder of her millionaire husband...and his mother.

Ghislaine Maxwell Becomes Bosom Buddies With Infamous Murderer in Prison
Photo:Amber De Vos/PatrickMcMullan (AP)

Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted sex offender and alleged madam of Jeffrey Epstein et al., has—to no one’s surprise—formed quite the bad girls club in federal prison, according to a new report from the Mirror.

In June, after Epstein’s co-conspirator was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for her role in an international sex trafficking ring that saw countless young women and girls sexually abused over the course of a decade, she was sent to a low-security correctional facility in Tallahassee, Florida. While spending any amount of time in that capital city sounds every bit as nightmarish as she deserves, sources told the Mirror that Maxwell found a fast friend in Narcy Novack, a woman convicted of murdering her husband and his 87-year-old mother.

“Once inside, Ghislaine gravitated towards Narcy. Because of her length of time inside and the brutality of her crime, she is treated like a female don,” the source told the tabloid. “Together, they spend hours talking, laughing and joking.”

The revelation might leave you wondering what these two could possibly have in common, apart from a severely unflattering jumpsuit and crimes of the corrupt and formerly wealthy. But don’t worry, the source has a theory: “Given their ages and millionaire ­backgrounds, they were always destined to get on well.”

If the Novack name doesn’t sound familiar, allow me to fill in the blanks. In 2009, Narcy Novack, the estranged wife of Ben Novack Jr., the owner of Miami’s famed Fountainbleau hotel, was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of her husband and his elderly mother after discovering he was having an affair with a porn actor. Novack Jr.’s mother was found dead in her garage, while the millionaire was discovered bound, bludgeoned, and suffocated to death in a New York hotel room three months later. Notably, his eyes had been gouged out.

A court found that Novack had hired hitmen for the job in a fit of jealousy and was motivated by greed, fearing that her husband would leave her for his mistress and she’d only stand to inherit $65,000 due to the couple’s prenuptial agreement. Not at all unlike Maxwell, Novack was deemed “sadistic” and “evil” by prosecutors throughout the trial.

Maxwell knows a thing or two about aligning herself with rich men with social capital. Apart from the obvious, Maxwell was married to Scott Borgerson, a tech entrepreneur. She spent several months in hiding, living on a 156-acre New Hampshire estate that she bought in cash. After she was arrested at the $1 million home in July 2020, Maxwell was held in custody at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, where she spent 22 months in solitary confinement and was repeatedly denied bail. And by the time she was found guilty of sex trafficking charges, she had filed more than 100 complaints about the conditions.

The source speculated that given Novack’s standing in the facility, Maxwell will benefit from “a modicum of protection through her friendship.” She always did know how to pick ‘em!

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