Goth Trend: Undead, Again


Goth is back! Not that it ever went away. But expect Fall 2009 to have a certain dark glamor, according to yesterday’s WWD — although this year, it comes with a Japanese twist…

What’s the difference between Western goth and Japanese goth? WWD asked Carmen Yuen, who’s made a career out of blogging about the Gothic Lolita culture on La Carmina: “Western Goth responds to a lot of religious imagery and potentially controversial connotations,” she says. “Whereas in Japan, it’s just an aesthetic. It’s all visual, without the context.”

This means fewer crucifixes, more “Lolita,” — ruffles, petticoats, bows, knee socks — but with a macabre touches inspired by anime and porcelain dolls. WWD‘s goth photo shoot (and behind-the-scenes video) coincide with the publication of the Rizzoli book, Japanese Goth.

What’s interesting about this trend is the timing. Since we’re not quite out of the woods in regards to the economic downturn, is it appealing to think about dressing slightly more… gloomy right now? Or with a new administration, are you more likely to look for bright, happy, “hope”-filled clothes?

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[Photography by Talaya Centeno]

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