Here's Doug E. Fresh's Long-Lost Scientology Jam 'The Joy of Creating'


You know that sinking feeling, when you find out that someone awesome is actually a Scientologist? Well whaddya know, beloved rapper and “Human Beat Box” Doug E. Fresh has been kicking it with the Thetans for a while now. The above track, “The Joy of Creating,” was apparently mixed at the L. Ron Hubbard Music Studio back in 2001, and is on a Scientology compilation album of the same name, which also features Isaac Hayes, Chick Corea, Edgar Winter and more.

Here are the lyrics:

Can somebody tell me where the party at?
Put ’em up, put ’em up, put your hands up, put ’em up
Yo what’s up y’all this is Doug E. Fresh, much love and much respect
And this is the joy of creatin’
Watch this! Force yourself to smile, and you’ll soon stop frowning
Force yourself to laugh, and you’ll soon find something to laugh about. Ain’t that right?
Wax enthusiastic, and you’ll soon find yourself so. A being causes his own feelings
It’s the joy of creatin’ y’all. It’s the joy of creatin’, y’all. Uh, put ’em up
The greatest joy there is in life is creating. Splurge on it. Come on!
Ain’t that right? It’s the joy of creatin’, yall
Watch this: Jump around if you know you love creating, jump around if you know you love creating, put up your hands if you know that you can say joy, say joy
There’s a positive force, and a negative force, and a spiritual being has the freedom of choice
I can make music by using my voice, turn a frown to a smile make people rejoice
From a real good feelin that’s hard to fake, the greatest gift in life is to love create
So don’t hesitate and communicate, just get in the game and participate
Splurge on it. Splurge on it, come on!
It’s the joy of creatin’, y’all

Yes, if you are a Scientologist, as we learned from the chilling Going Clear that premiered last night on HBO, you certainly will “splurge on it.” And/or get locked in an ant-infested trailer for seven years. But Doug E. makes it sound so phat!

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