Here's Freed Hostage Amanda Berry on Stage at a Concert With Nelly


At the sold-out Roverfest radio station concert held over the weekend in Cleveland, Amanda Berry was on stage, being cheered by her town, a mere three months after escaping the home of Ariel Castro, who kidnapped her and held her and three other women hostage for ten years.

Radio personality Rover — whose real name is Shane French — said that he had invited Berry to the show over the air. “I just said that she had 10 years of partying to make up for and she should come,” French told the AP. When she arrived, it was a surprise to French, but he brought her out on stage. In video seen here, French announces Berry and the crowd cheers. Later, she was back on stage as Nelly performed; he said, “I can’t even imagine the type of courage and the type of strength that it took to keep it going… I commend you and I say thank you.”

While Berry and the other kidnap victims — Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight — issued a video statement in early July, this marked Berry’s first public appearance. She was all smiles, and seemed to be enjoying herself.

[Vibe, USA Today]

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