Hope You're Having a Better Christmas Than Iggy Azalea!

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Hope You're Having a Better Christmas Than Iggy Azalea!
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Fuck, I thought I was gonna be able to just make shit up again like I did on Thanksgiving. Thanks for doing newsworthy things, celebrities!

Of all the celebrities doing things right now, Iggy Azalea is most certainly doing the most. Beginning late Thursday night, the Australian entertainer has been posting about her fraught relationship with Playboi Carti, her ex-boyfriend who’s also the father of her infant son, Vulture reports.

Among her claims about Carti, who released a new album at midnight:

  • He planned to either fly out to see Azalea and their baby for Christmas or fly them both out to see him (unclear!) but then canceled the trip last-minute.
  • He’s chilling with his new girlfriend instead—the same woman he cheated on Iggy with all throughout her pregnancy, Iggy says.
  • He has “refused to sign his [son’s] birth certificate.”
  • He was allegedly at Azalea’s house last night “telling me he loves me.”

Iggy’s also now posting what appear to be screenshots of DMs she sent Carti’s new girlfriend on Instagram. Extreme brainworms for me to say this as a blogger who blogs about celebrities’ lives every weekend, but I feel uncomfortably voyeuristic reading all of this! Hope all of their Christmases get better from here.

Growing Pains dramaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Child actor-turned-sad birthday party enthusiast Kirk Cameron has apparently been hosting big maskless caroling events in Southern California, where covid shit is currently through the roof. Jeremy Miller, who played Kirk’s little brother on the long-running ‘80s sitcom, thinks that this inadvisable thing is pretty inadvisable!

“While I will always love my brother Kirk,” Miller told Page Six, “I could not disagree more with his holding these maskless events at a time when safety and concern for others is an extreme priority.”

Tracey Gold, who played middle sister Carol on Growing Pains, also thinks Kirk is being a dumbass. “I care about you and your family,” she recently tweeted. “Wear a mask. Stay home and then sing.”

“It’s completely acceptable for George Clooney—who is delightful—to have someone who is 40 years younger than him or 30 years younger than him,” Emma Thompson said about sexist double standards in casting, per Deadline. “If I have someone playing opposite me in a romantic way, they have to exhume someone, because I’m 61 now. Do you see what I mean? It’s completely and utterly unbalanced.”

  • Michael Alig—the New York nightlife figure who murdered and dismembered fellow club kid Andre “Angel” Melendez in 1996, as depicted in 2003’s Party Monster—was found dead in his home just after midnight. He was 54. [TMZ]
  • Criminal Minds and The Young and the Restless star Shemar Moore revealed that he has tested positive for covid-19. [Page Six]
  • I just love Mariah Carey so much.

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