I Would Die 4 U, Bear


Officials at Glacier National Park in Montana have set up two webcams aimed at a black bear who seems unsure of whether or not it wants to keep hibernating. The bear is chillin’ in a cozy den located in the trunk of a cottonwood tree more than 50 feet above the forest floor.

I have decided to stan this bear forever.

The webcam mostly captures the bear—who park officials believe is a dude bear—sleeping, but there are moments when the bear is quite active before retreating back to its den.

Here’s the bear licking up snow with its absurdly long tongue:

Here’s the bear stretching its bear legs:

Here’s the bear showing us how well it can balance on a tree:

And here’s the bear makin’ friends with a bird.

The bear was first spotted on March 23, and since then its livecam stardom has captured an enthusiastic audience. According to the Missoulian, “The close-up still bear cam has had 215,503 views since it was installed last week, which included nearly 50,000 per day during the weekend. As of Wednesday afternoon, they’re getting more than 25,000 views per day.”

The Jezebel staff is among the cam’s viewers. Here were some of our Slack reactions to the bear:

According to Glacier spokesperson Lauren Alley, one couple decided to name the bear Bruce. I personally feel indifferent about the name Bruce, but I am very curious to hear other bear name suggestions.

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