Is Angie Having An Affair With Lady Gaga?; Depp Defends Polanski

  • Ian Halperin, who recently wrote an unauthorized book about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, claims that Angie hooked up with Lady Gaga recently and, “Apparently, Angie is obsessed with Lady GaGa.” Halperin explains:
  • “There was recently a secret rendez vous between the two at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that lasted all night,” according to a “source close to the actress.” Could those rubber sheets have been for Gaga, not the dialect coach? [ONTD]
  • A judge has rejected J.Lo‘s request to send her dispute with her ex-husband Ojani Noa into arbitration. Noa isn’t still isn’t allowed to distribute the video they made on their honeymoon, but Ed Meyer, his business manager, says she kisses women on the tape and he plans to question her about her sexuality in court. “The first question I plan on asking Jennifer Lopez on the stand is if she is bi-sexual,” said Meyer. [Radar]
  • Joe Jackson is going to court to try to win a chunk of Michael Jackson‘s money, even though his son left him out of his will. According to Katherine Jackson‘s lawyer, she “supports Joe receiving some type of allowance, we just don’t how much is appropriate.” [Daily Express]
  • Law enforcement sources say the L.A. County D.A. is ready to charge Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson. [TMZ]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray‘s lawyer announced that if his client is charged, he’ll travel to L.A. and surrender to the police. [Radar]
  • Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson are expected to accept their father’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys on Sunday. “The whole world is waiting to see these children blossom,” said Joe Jackson‘s lawyer. [CNN]
  • Pink and ?uestlove predict this year’s Grammy winners here: [Rolling Stone]
  • Etta James‘ son says she’s been hospitalized with a serious infection, but he expects her to be released soon. The 72-year-old is recovering from sepsis caused by a urinary tract infection. [AP]
  • Contrary to previous reports, Taylor Swift will not be among the artists recording a new version of “We Are The World” on Monday. [Access Hollywood]
  • Tom Cruise was photographed heading into his own personal Porta-Potty on the set of his new film. [TMZ]
  • Victoria Beckham will guest co-host The View on February 17. [AP]
  • “Just like Daddy: Romeo Beckham shows off fake tattoo on day out with Victoria.” [Daily Mail]
  • On Monday’s Ellen Rihanna reveals that she has 13 tattoos. As for her latest, which says “Never a failure always a lesson” backwards, she says, “It’s basically saying that it’s ok to make a mistake, just don’t make them twice.” [Us]
  • The criminal case against Kanye West for smashing the camera equipment of two paparazzi has been dropped because he presented proof that he performed 50 hours of community service with the Red Cross. [TMZ]
  • Michael Lohan was arrested yesterday for allegedly violating a protective order by calling his ex, Erin Mueller. Of course, Lohan says he’s innocent and it was actually Erin who called him. He’s released a tape of heavily edited tape of the call in which he yells, “you called me Erin! You called me and you have the nerve to go and lie to the police and tell them that I called you?” [Radar]
  • You know you’re at a bad party when the guests include Hailey Glassman, Michael Lohan, and Jersey Shore‘s Sammi and Ronnie. [Perez]
  • Here’s the commercial for Beyonce‘s new perfume Heat: [People]
  • The toxicology reports from Brittany Murphy‘s autopsy will be back “sometime next week,” according to a source. [Radar]
  • Willie Nelson canceled a concert in North Carolina due to a hand injury about an hour after several band and crew members were charged for allegedly possessing moonshine and marijuana. [AP]
  • Here’s the 911 call made last week when Anna Kournikova‘s mother Alla was arrested and charged with child neglect: [TMZ]
  • A rep for New Line Cinema says the rumor that a third Sex and the City film is being filmed simultaneously with the second movie isn’t true. [Us]
  • David Spade will develop an animated series for TBS based on Joe Dirt. [Animation Magazine]
  • Jay Leno‘s studio will be renovated during the Olympics for his return to The Tonight Show. [TMZ]
  • What do you think of the trailer for Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps? [Perez]
  • A man named Ramiro Benitez has filed a temporary restraining order against Paris Hilton because he claims she threatened her physically and financially. There’s also something about “numerous sexual assaults” but TMZ can’t decipher his handwriting. [TMZ]
  • Josie, the 19th Duggar baby is recovering after being born three months premature and developing a bowel perforation. She now weights 2 lbs, 3 oz. and is expected to leave the hospital several weeks before her original due date of March 18. [People]
  • Tila Tequila visited The Game, the man she has insinuated is the father of her child, at Dr. Dre‘s recording studio today. [TMZ]
  • Josh Duhamel says he’s annoyed because he and Fergie were supposed to renew their wedding vows at a secret location, but employees of the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara leaked the whereabouts to the press. “They were supposed to keep that quiet and they blabbed it,” he said. “I’m very angry with you Bacara … I’d like a suite for free!” [Us]
  • Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves sent around a snapshot of themselves and their new baby with the message: “Here’s a pic of our latest family member Vida Alves McConaughey. Thanks for all your well wishes our way, the future’s lookin bright, just keep livin, Matthew and Camila.” [People]
  • Camila Alves says she won’t be having sex with Matthew McConaughey for 40 days because, “Where I come from, we believe in something we call a 40-day break after the baby. You have to let your body do its own thing. You give it time to recover and let everything settle down… You kind of respect all the hard work your body has just done and give it a break. For these 40 days, you really take it easy. By that I mean no sex, light, healthy food, no trips to the gym. Then, after 40 days, you are good to go.” [Us]
  • Nick Cannon says he and Mariah Carey are planning to start a family because, “That’s like the only priority in life, when you think about it, is starting and raising a family.” As for when they’ll get started, “We wanna make sure everything is out of the way and that we don’t have any distractions.” [Us]
  • Why is it news that Roman Polanski won’t be attending the Berlin Film Festival? Does Reuters not understand what “house arrest” means? [Reuters]
  • Johnny Depp is upset about Roman Polanski‘s arrest. “Why now?” he asked. “Obviously, there is something going on somewhere. Somebody has made a deal with someone. Maybe there was a little money involved, but why now?” Polanski, he continued, “is not a predator. He’s 75 or 76 years old. He has got two beautiful kids, he has got a wife that he has been with for a long, long time. He is not out on the street.” [The Independent]
  • Sam Levine of Inglourious Basterds says Brad Pitt, “[he’s] a fine drinking buddy. Between Brad and Quentin [Tarantino], I would die of alcohol poisoning on day two if I had to keep up with those guys!” [Us]
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg says, “My dad was a genius. I think about him every time I sing. I think it’s why I can’t write songs and why I haven’t played my own gig yet. People understand because they know how difficult it is for me, but I find (his legacy) very overwhelming.” [Daily Express]
  • John Travolta says he and Kelly Preston “work hard every day” to recover from their son Jett’s death. “Once you get yourself stable, then you’re able to reach out again,” Travolta said. “And I think this whole year, every day we’ve been working on stabilizing ourselves. And it’s been successful so far.” [People]
  • Bethenny Frankel says she had a hard time filming the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New York City because the show is “completely toxic, completely psychotic and completely drama filled.” [Radar]
  • Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey would like you to know that, “I’m abstinent now. I realized that with abstinence, if you really, really believe in yourself like I do, you discover your own self-worth. Abstinence means you refrain from any sex – thinking about it, doing it – even to yourself! I’m a born-again virgin.” [People]
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