Is It Ever OK To Tell Partners They Need To Lose Weight?


Yesterday’s episode of Tyra focused on size discrimination, and one woman confessed that it hurts when her boyfriend tells her to lose weight. He said he’s just being honest.

In the beginning of the episode, Kylie — who is 5’2 and weighs 230 lbs — discussed her “fatty tricks” at getting extra fries, free of charge, at fast food restaurants, and then admitted that she’d like to be thinner. However, according to her boyfriend and her mother, she does not want to go to the gym, has turned down gastro bypass surgery, and will not change her eating habits. Her boyfriend, Quinton, said that all of that would be fine if she were happy with her own body image, but said that she’s not and he’s sick of her complaining about her weight, while at the same time refusing to do anything about it. He said that when he makes comments to her about the way she looks, he’s not being mean, he’s just telling her the (awful) truth. Clip above.

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