It Is Time to Witness Rihanna at Crop Over 2019

It Is Time to Witness Rihanna at Crop Over 2019

Rihanna has made Crop Over (also known as Carnival)—a festival that was already a major Caribbean event—into even more of an event for the people who do not attend and just want to look at pictures of Rihanna doing stuff while wearing something extravagant. This year, that something-extravagant is a bed of romantic pink feathers on a mini-dress.


The Mother of Dragging arrived on Sunday to attend Crop Over 2019 in her native Barbados. Unlike two years ago (she skipped the 2018 festival) and many other years, Rihanna’s boobs are this time notably tucked in, rather than out, and they’re surrounded by a wheel of pink wisps; her hair is styled in Bantu knots. She is joyous, be-feathered, carefree.

Pray tell, who is going to stop her, boo?

Take me to my leader:

UPDATE (4:09pm): Slay, beautiful peacock.

We will update this post as Robyn continues to gyrate and as photos and video become available.

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