It's All "Downhill" For Old Lady Kim Kardashian, Says Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian “confessed” to Rachael Ray that she’s gained “like, ten pounds” and stopped working out, pretty much. And now that she’s 30, she says, she’s got nothing but fat and ugly in her future. Ray’s memeworthy squeal confirms it.

Don’t worry too much right now—the kutey’s hotness level remains intact. She’s just going to become less hot over time, by her own account:

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You can postpone your koncern until the evidence becomes more clear. While you wait for that day to come, practice replicating Rachael’s amazing excitable utterance! If you are physically capable of doing so.

Kardashian wouldn’t have any problems if she’d just started doing Weight Watchers ate age nine, like proactive Ginnifer Goodwin had:

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